That itchy foot syndrome has spread throughout my body and, I’m afraid, my brain as well. Time to get on the road again.

Claiming Viking blood allows me to explain itchy (summer) feet. I know I’ve related the syndrome to Athlete’s Foot before but here’s a better simile. There’s a phrase, go a-Viking, meaning to go out raiding. Its origins are Norse and it was primarily used to describe the pastime of those Scandinavian farmers who headed out for a raid or two between spring planting and fall harvest. There you have it…I must head out as well, for somewhere, anywhere. Well, not just anywhere…

I have a plan; two plans actually.

It is making me quite nervous just writing all those miles down—the cowardly fairy on my right shoulder keeps saying, “Are you out of your friggin’ mind?” And I apparently have an abscessed tooth this fine Sunday morning, so must exist through today on pain pills, yogurt, and travel dreams (the kind of dreams where I’m walking down exciting  avenues, eating unusual but delicious meals, falling asleep to temple chants—no nightmares where I’m paying my dentist vast sums of my travel money please.)

Taking the Long Way Home…coming up.


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