There are many people and actions and events in my life for which I am grateful; I have mostly tried to be a decent human being and I have been very fortunate in family, friends, jobs and health. That being said…there are also a handful of personal achievements that I take most (although certainly not all) of the credit for dreaming up and making happen. TREKKING IN GREENLAND is one of those.

It wasn’t Everest or an Amazonian rapids or volunteering for Doctors Without Borders in South Sudan. Greenland was—for me—a test of elder-stamina; a challenge to myself to be more physical than I’ve been in my whole life; a time to focus on my strength and willingness to be a good sport and good companion in an environment outside of my everyday comfort zone. Greenland makes me want to keep on truckin’ or is that trekking…to keep on keeping on…no small thing when your body says ‘hey, take it easy’ and your mind says ‘do you think you need to do this at your age?’

While no day was ‘Everest,’ everyday was a challenge, especially the 14K hike along a very hilly, very rocky road from fiord to fiord. I did it.

And what the other completely personal achievements of the ‘handful’ might so far be?—possibly around the world by train in 2015; climbing Black Mountain every April 3rd; Global DanceFest—must think more about this.


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