That Siberian Train Remains in My Head (ALBUQUERQUE)

Where was I? Big 2015 Trip. Talking about Russia In San Diego. Even though it’s easy to focus on what for me is the most exotic part of B15T, there are actually four main segments: Norway; Riga/Minsk/St. Petersburg/Moscow; the Trans-Siberian Express and layover in Ulan Bator; and Beijing/Seoul.

Since I’ve been concentrating on Russia—but  mostly the nice people and the borscht, not really on the train part—let me get on board the Trans-Siberian Express for a post or two. Even though this famous train ride only occupies five days out of the 42 I’ll be out there, it feels like the heart of the adventure.

I imagine it like this. The cozy cabin, with a whole side seat/couch that is my bed at night but where I can stretch out any time I like and clean windows through which I view much of the biggest country in the world. I write and write and write. Something that will be published. I take thousands of brilliant photos. I won’t be on line so there won’t be any pressure to post at a particular time therefore I can make everything really really Good. And share it with the world from Ulan Bator and the end of the train ride in Beijing.

If happiness were to be truly mine, I wouldn’t have a roommate but since I’m in a two-person cabin that might not be possible. But please let her (or him?—I don’t think so?) be a clean quiet person, in fact one who never speaks at all, doesn’t eat smelly food and is so small I hardly notice her. But sometimes we crotchety introverts are fun too. Seriously.

My food plan is coffee or tea or hot water and maybe some yogurt in the morning. Lunch in the dining car—which changes from Russian to Mongolian to Chinese as we traverse this 4,735 miles of taiga, tundra and steppe. Borscht to Sheep Parts to Egg Rolls. And pomegranate-infused vodka to fermented mare’s milk to Tsingtao beer. And noodles in the evening. With tea? Maybe vodka?

Here’s a photo of my compartment (I hope) from Seat 61’s wonderful web site.

The only thing that worries me is that I think I’m on Train 6–of which there are no photos. I’m probably not supposed to use this photo but it is to promote the web site so maybe they won’t mind!



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