Our Sunday morning walk on Itasca County Forest History Center trails. I realize that there are a whole lot of Green Minnesota photos over my blogging history. How can that not be good?

Memorial Day Weekend. Robert, Marsha and I visited the graves of mothers, fathers, grandparents, cousins, family friends and neighbors. A perfect Minnesota day. Pre-mosquito, light-green spring leaves, high 70s, gentle breeze, small towns, families camping, Buddy the dog in the backseat…eating vinegar and sea salt potato chips and driving the country roads. We meet various members of Marsha’s extended family at the small country cemeteries. Bright bouquets of silky make-believe flowers and flocks of… Read More

MINNESOTA TAIGA. Okay…the time and place of the 2015 San Diego birthday trip is over. Back to work: work work, writing work, class work, photo work, house work, body work. If I were at home I’d lie down on the couch and read awhile, overwhelmed by writing work that many times. Unfortunately I am at the office but it is early and quiet so perhaps there’s time for just a few writing… Read More

  I’m saying it out loud. Two days ago I turned (why do we say ‘turned’?) 76 years old. It wasn’t a smooth turn. Being a year older seems to have the most meaning when one is young or old. “Yay, now I’m six, I can go on the big rides.” Yay, now I’m 76, I can go on the big rides too if I have the stamina to trek down endless corridors;… Read More

Home from work and the gym. Enjoying the snow with Anderson. Just some random memories and photos about snow. I was in NYC once when there was a smaller snowstorm and it was amazing…the city all quieted down, red and green and gold of traffic lights opaque in the snow, like Christmas tree lights trying to shine through that cottony snow stuff we decorated with once. Some restaurants were open, crowded, noisy,… Read More

Down the snowy road to the “Old Place.” Minnesota has weather drama. A resident of Minnesota is always anticipating, dreading, reveling in, huddled against, praying for protection from, practicing ice driving for and/or talking about…always talking about…the weather. Most of us don’t have a lot of drama in our lives; we go to work and come home and go back to work and come home and watch TV. So to live in… Read More

Part 2: Introversion My life as an Introvert has been just fine. As a kid I lived in the forest with the wolves…no no, I mean with my Minnesota family, a mom and dad busy farming and lumberjacking and one younger brother. There was all the time in the world to become a lover of books and silence. I read books in bed, at the dinner table, sitting on a log in… Read More

If I am in the middle of a passage from one age to the next, the question is how to pass through it gracefully. And what’s on the other side. I have created my own age categories and this year I traveled from young-old (65-75) to middle-old (75-85) with old-old (85-death) far far in the future. If one has many years to work, many countries to travel, many blogs to occupy (and… Read More

ROBERT AND MARSHA IN GRAND RAPIDS The intent was to write a warm and fuzzy profile of my brother and sister-in-law with whom I spent a lovely late August week. Alas…I did not get it done before this very busy time and big travels that begin later this month. Instead…here’s a photo album from my week with Rob and Marsha in green and summer-lush Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  Next there will be a visit… Read More

  This series of blog posts is all about my sentimental summer journey—as you may have noticed. Home and family. Two or so more of these and then I move on to Bamako, Mali and dance and, if I can figure out how to get there, Timbuktu. But for now, back to Summer 2010.   FAMILY HISTORY I’m on my way to my cousin Audrey’s on dad’s side of the family—Audrey’s mom, Helen,… Read More