August 2, 2021. North Fourth Art Center is open for business. Five former staff returned to work today, including me. It turns out I really like work…it makes taking showers, buying those new jeans last spring and arriving home at night all worthwhile.

We received a SVOG (Shuttered Venue Operators Grant) from the Small Business Administration which grants sufficient funding to rebuild our arts community and many of our programs over the next year. The goal is to make the Center a hub of arts activity in the North Valley. All five returnees have been at North Fourth a long time, and we have the right combination of performing and visual arts education, creation, and demonstration skills to move ahead.

It felt quite wonderful…if a little scary…arriving at the office this morning. While we’ve see each other since closing in June 2020, this was different. No dropping by for a bit of discussion or exchange of info…we had to Stay and Work! Now it’s 6pm and I’m so looking forward to bed.

And just to say. As satisfying as it is to complain about government bureaucracy, the pandemic has reaffirmed my belief in strong, competent, and humane federal government, and solid well-funded state and local governments. Obviously to represent all of these things, the odds are very great that the branches doing the good will be Democratically controlled.

Without unemployment and the supplemental checks, my life certainly would have been difficult, and without this SBA grant for North Fourth, the Center would have a short future. There were tax benefits that helped every one of us, and a Paycheck Protection loan that enabled our program to continue paying employees for awhile after the initial closure. So thank you Government…didn’t see any of our friendly billionaires chipping in did you?

7pm. Way past my bedtime.

One Comment on “WORK

  1. Looking real good! I am happy the North Fourth survived…that you survived…and more importantly this community resource will soon be doing great things


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