Go East Young Sara—Go East!

Sara and I were in DC for the 4th in 2011. There was a human in the White House and the fireworks looked good. Scroll on down to the last pics for the fireworks.


My fortunate grandchildren have first-rate parents and just the right mix of grandparents. The one with the pool, the one with the lake, the one who made all of the special party decorations and the one who especially encouraged sports and studies. And then there’s me. Trying desperately to infect them with the dreaded ‘travel bug.’

Boston Harbor summer 2011

This is my first big trip with Sara, 12-year-old honor roll cheerleader tumbler tweenie. The trip began with a meeting in Boston and a few hours to get a bit of a feel for one of the places where it all STARTED—the United States of America that is—on to NYC for a day and a half of where it all IS and finally here in DC for a Capitol Fourth—just Sara and me and half the rest of the world celebrating who we imagine ourselves to be.


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One Comment on “Go East Young Sara—Go East!

  1. Travel is not a bug…it is a magnificent obsession! That sounds familiar? Maybe some day we could take the California Zephyr .


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