Leaving ALBUQUERQUE for the World

Today it’s off around the world. Sounds adventuresome doesn’t it? Me and Marco Polo. Out of my cozy Venice Albuquerque home and across the seas and steppes to visit Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis, or if not him perhaps the staff and guides at Mongolian Secret History Camp. But that’s all a few weeks from now—first Norway…

From now on this blog is all travel all of the time—with some whining here and there just to add that personal element all good travel writers incorporate so excellently.

Meanwhile. Phew! Glad this week’s over. Except for the nice times with Scott last weekend and Sara yesterday. And the fact that my super amazing thoughtful smart and incredibly good-looking doctor sent me for many tests, actually called me and told me things, prescribed meds and cured me. There was still all the nerve-wracking minutiae of desk and refrigerator clearing, and gift and toothpaste purchasing and repacking to a different suitcase and then repacking that two or three times. Now. It. Is. Time.

The second day of the last month of pure summer today. And an astounding summer it has been. Albuquerque is as green as Grand Rapids, Minnesota! In fact it is the BEST SUMMER of my many many years in this town and state. Only made it out for two river walks this week but I took enough duck and green photos to last us awhile. I think I should share this wealth in two blogs. Now and after Fareed Zakaria.

I am actually sorry to miss the Republican debate next week. Who can resist a whole stage full of clowns? Maybe I can stream it.

The GREEN is just so damn beautiful I cannot stop myself. Snap snap snap…


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  1. I anxiously await tales of this adventure. Is it already the day? I am excited for you and can’t wait to hear about it.

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