Not much neon in the night sky but many dogs and rooster lurk just outside my window.

10:30PM: Turn out the light. Go to sleep.

12:20AM: Wake up. Write Trip Advisor review. Chat with Teresa who is also up.

1:45AM: Listen to the rain. Gaze out big beautiful window at the few night lights of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2:00AM: Talk about Cloud Atlas which Teresa’s reading. Talk about the belief/political system we are going to build around the Oscars so T and her boyfriend can come out every year and we can prepare special foods based on each movie and our friend Lina can join us from Canada.

2:10AM: Guess I’ll go back to The Heir. Dogs bark ferociously about every 20 minutes. Then roosters crow. Otherwise it is very quiet, very quiet, very quiet.

Sleeplessness is becoming a bit of a concern. Kids seem to be handling it better. Yeah, well of course they are. They’re 20-somethings. I probably haven’t had more than three, maybe four hours of sleep in 24 since we left. Except last night, up to five. Spending part of the night reading is not unusual exactly but eventually I sleep. Right? Right?

So here is the strange thing. I am feeling quite fine. No headaches, stomachaches, body aches. No recognizable stress. Having great fun with my interesting curious and fun grandchildren. Maybe I’ve passed some age threshold where one no longer needs much sleep. I am pretty sure I’m not dead or in a coma.

As I ponder the darkness away I am curious about whether this trip will prove to be a continuation of the ‘lust for travel’ stage or whether something is changing. If this trip continues to move along as well and enjoyably as it has so far how could I not want to continue at the greatest pace affordable? Still, maybe there’s a subtle difference in … something … taking place?



  1. I hope you start sleeping better. I need sleep. Although the first night on the train I only slept a couple of hours. When I got going in the morning I said to myself ” I am having the time of my life and I am not going to let this sleeplessness ruin my day” and it did not. Who cares, I was having fun.

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