Almost Time…One of those Sundays to treasure is unfolding. On Thursday the Big Trip commences. Meanwhile writing class is completed (with a really fine paper if I do say so myself); the N4 newsletter is at the printers; last minute clothing items have been purchased at that high-fashion emporium—Costco; my bags are pretty much packed; perishables are dwindling in the frig; AND, BEST OF ALL I am through dealing with the government of India’s designated visa agency.

 Today then is a blog; good Sunday lunch (baked cherry tomatoes on fried polenta slices with feta cheese and a nice white wine); maybe a few more episodes of “Orange is the New Black”; and nap day. While drinking my wine I will fill in little travel details—hardly anything in the world is more pleasurable than a glass of wine and travel details.

 So I have several travel posts to write before setting off for the airport around 4am on Thursday. There is the revelation I’ve just had in the last few days about stages of “loss” as one ages—you’ll see, it will be interesting; also, my every-country-in-the-world travel goals have been altered—not completely gone away but adjusted; and, not least, the absolute horror story of dealing with an agency called CKGS (Cox and Kings Global Services) to try to obtain an Indian visa (on our way to Sri Lanka instead which is a whole tale in itself) and the story is definitely worth a post, a WARNING post.

 Of course tomorrow morning I will take a dawn river walk to say farewell to my ducks and geese. I do not want to leave you without some photos to get you through the winter since I probably won’t walk in the mornings when I return. Back to evenings at the gym and reading on the treadmill.

I have no idea what this photo is … Nice though. Travelish.

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